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Paul Kares works with grade schools and high schools throughout Sussex County and will be working with other organizations like the Children’s Beach House to identify qualified candidates who may become future recipients of Paul Kares scholarships and other financial awards. We will be especially looking to support children who are from low-to-moderate income circumstances.

Paul Kares also is concerned with immediate needs of the lower income members of our community and contributes to efforts to feed the homeless alongside Jim Martin’s “Shepherd’s Office” in Georgetown, DE by donating food and money to those in need.

For those not familiar with how Paul Kares came to be, our organization was founded by Paul Cullen, former bass player for the rock band Bad Company and now a successful Delmarva food, entertainment and wine entrepreneur. Reflecting on his own successful career and determined to find a way to give back to the community, in 2021 Paul and another Lewes entrepreneur, Jim Rivette, founded Paul Kares, Inc., to help fulfill their philanthropic dreams.

Paul Kares is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging and educating children who show interest and passion for the culinary and musical arts. Paul Kares’ mission is to support these young artists by providing them with the confidence, training and tools to pursue careers in their chosen artistic field.

Paul Kares hosts fundraising events and solicits donations throughout the year to raise awareness and funds to enable us to fulfill our goal of assisting children who need financial support to attend educational seminars, workshops and classes in their chosen field or to purchase musical instruments and culinary/kitchen tools and equipment.





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