Stenger’s Shamrock Farms Par 3

Come play a round!

Stenger’s Shamrock Farms Par 3 Golf Course offers a quick tune-up game for advanced golfers and is a great place for beginner golfers as well. Known as a fun, relaxing place to play golf and a little “off the beaten path”, Stenger’s Shamrock Farms is worth the trip to get away from the hustle and bustle of beach traffic and play a round of great golf.

Shamrock Farms is a par 54, 18 hole, walking golf course built on 23 acres. The longest hole is 152 yards and the shortest is 75 yards. You will enjoy hitting off of grass tee boxes and onto bent grass greens. There is one short water hole on number 6 and a sand bunker on number 5 and 13.

The golf course used to be a farm which was the home to cows and sheep and hay. The property has been in the Stenger family since the 1970s. The idea to turn the farmland into a golf course came about when Bob Stenger built a golf green as a gift for his dad, John Stenger. Bob built the green in his backyard and one green turned into two greens, then three; Bob’s Dad said, “What are you stopping for?” So, Bob continued construction and the golf course opened in July 2003.



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